Sunday, December 11, 2011

My First Holiday Tablescape

Okay everyone, I’ve never really set up a holiday table before, so this was definitely a fun experience for me. Hope you like it!

christmas 027
Check out my fabulous new vases from last year’s post holiday sales!

christmas 015

These red glitter birds are so fun! They didn’t look that great on the tree, but they look awesome floating in my fancy vases with a few other leftover ornaments.

christmas 045

I love my little “centerpiece,” and it was oh-so-easy! Just took a serving platter I already had, topped it with a Dollar Store stocking (that I already had), and scattered a bunch of glass ornaments (that I already had). Sooo… didn’t cost me a thing! And see how easy?

christmas 019

Dollar Store chargers were placed underneath our everyday dishware and topped with my white napkins. And I wanted to bring in more crystal, so I added little crystal ornaments on top. If I get the chance, I’d like to make some type of napkin ring underneath… 

christmas 004

christmas 010

Oooh sorry, you can see my baskets full of wrapping supplies in the background!

christmas 026

I have exactly 6 mini wreaths that I picked up years ago from the Dollar Store, eventually I will hang them on the backs of the chairs.

christmas 031

A few snowflakes are scattered around the table to add a touch of winter.

christmas 047

My beautiful swan that matches the vases, also purchased at last year’s post holiday sale (sorry about the lighting, by the time I got to taking the picture the sun light was almost gone).

christmas 038

christmas 013

christmas 053

Well, what do you think of my first table setting? I’d love to hear your thoughts! I decided to stick with basic and simple, red and white. I love to go in there and look around, it always makes me smile.

And stick around, because in a few days I will have a post with my new napkin rings!


  1. Very lovely!! Those vases are awesome!!
    Coming from Homemaker on a Dime. :)

  2. Thanks Jennifer! I'm definitely crushing on the vases, can't wait till this year's post-holiday sales!

  3. I'm having a linky party right now on my blog! I would love it if you would link up your holiday stuff! So cute! Here is my link Thanks!

  4. Thanks so much for linking up your beautiful table!!! I love those fabulous vases and the ornaments inside! And the snowflakes! And the dishes! And EVERYTHING! I'm so impressed! Thanks for linking up to my Tablescape Party! XO!

    XO,Aimee from

  5. Beautiful!!! Great job on your first one!! Fun having a "new" space to decorate isn't it?? I love that this was all done with stuff you already have!! woohoo!

  6. This is perfect! You already know I love it!!!

    Thanks for linking up to my party!
    XO, Aimee from

  7. This is really pretty AJ. Red and white is always a classic go-to! You did a great job! Thanks for linking at Hating Martha!


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