Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Christmas Resolution

I have a Pinterest album full of holiday crafts, décor, and projects that I fully intended to do. However, due to a million tiny things that have all combined to bring on a bit of a bummer Christmas, I’ve been pretty blah this year. Even M has commented on how weird it is that I’m not really into Christmas, since I’m normally ALL OVER IT.

Seriously, I’m the person
singing Christmas music in July. I’d have a tree up in every room and bake Christmas cookies nonstop if I could. I love me some Christmas. So this is my promise to you.

Next year will be awesome.

C will be three years old and can really get into it with me. We will have saved up enough money to have someone put up our exterior lights (no way we are brave enough to do it ourselves, have you SEEN our
roofline?!?) I will complete my gift shopping by Thanksgiving so I’m not stressing about it come December. The house will be clean and organized so I can have a holiday party. We will take family photos. I will make lots of cookies and treats. And I will get all my crafts and projects done in advance! 

Here are some of my favorite holiday crafts and ideas that I really really really meant to do this year. But I didn’t. So I will do them next year. I will.

Don’t laugh, I WILL!

Okay, to go with my grumpy holiday mood this year, I’d like to present my first selection.
Scrapcation Getaway made these fun boxes of “Grinch Pills.” So awesome. M would definitely appreciate these, since he’s not the biggest fan of the holidays.
grinch tic tac

Snowflakes and Dragonflies made these awesome frosted bulbs and I WANT THEM!

glitter bulbs

The girls at The Ivy Cottage had an ornament party and made their own ornaments, including a beautiful one filled with pearls. Bet I can find some pearls at Goodwill!
pearl ornament

Bunny Hill Designs has the cutest snowmen ornaments ever, I am so going to make them.


Any Harry Potter fan would looove these cute golden snitch ornaments from Tiny Apartment Crafts. I know I do!

snitch ornament

It’s not all about the ornaments, though. Two Junk Chix made a beautiful holiday “wreath” out of balls of yarn… definitely recreating this! (Watch out, their site contains MUSIC so be sure to turn down your sound if you are trying to be quiet!)

yarn ball wreath

What about the chandeliers? I didn’t have enough greenery to do something as festive as the chandelier from Pearls, Handcuffs, and Happy Hour, but I will next year! It’s on my list of things to buy at the post holiday sales!
chandelier greenery

A Step in the Journey used what is probably one of my favorite holiday phrases to accent her décor, I’m bound and determined to use it somewhere in the house next year!

singing plate

Last but certainly not least we have stockings. For years I’ve been looking for the perfect stocking. One that I have a vague vision of. One that will match our regular décor, AND match both of our regular holiday themes (red white and green, and blue white and silver). And now I’ve finally found it.

Well. Almost.

Just imagine a lovely white, knit stocking. Now add a beautiful fur cuff and pom poms. I haven’t been able to find them yet, but I think I could make them. Or if you happen to see them anywhere, please let me know!

white stocking   fur stocking

Well folks, that’s my list. I fully intend to make each and every thing on this list for Christmas 2012, and you are my witnesses. I can’t very well change my mind now that it’s out there, right?

Do you have a list of things you wish you had made or decorated this year? Are you going to try again next year, or just cross them off the list?

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  1. all of those are lovely!

  2. Yes, I have lists a mile long LOL. Thanks for linking up! These are cute!

  3. I was pleased that I handmade more gifts this year than ever. I think it has to do with the fact that my children are now young adults. It is very difficult to do all you want or even need to do at the holidays when your children are little. Hang in there, your day will come.

    Your blog is lovely.

  4. I love your blog! Thanks for sharing all that inspiration. I've got a two-year-old myself right now and it can be really hard to get into the decor and it's hard to get many things done...totally understand!

    Thanks so much for visiting me and leaving such sweet comments! It really made my day today...


  5. These are all beautiful. I love the ornament with the pearls. I should start a list for next year! I'm a new follower!1 :)

  6. Great list! It helps me to have a plan of things I want to make sure I get to, so you are one step ahead of the game!!
    Love that Elf quote too!!

  7. That's such a cute list of things to make!! My suggestion? Start now. Seriously. I am already looking at some of the larger and more difficult projects I want to do for next year and if I can get them knocked out during my meager downtime, then I can have them ready to go for a simple relaxed Christmas next year. I didn't get to have a tree this year due to all the traveling but I promise next year it's gonna be awesome.

    I keep telling myself that.


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