Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A gift from Santa… built by me

This year Santa is bringing C a fabulous custom built train table. But the super special thing about this train table is that it will double as a fabulous custom built coffee table (when C isn’t playing with it of course)!
The thing is, I’ve never actually built anything before. Sure, I’m great at designing, and organizing, and the Spray Paint Queen, but actually building furniture? With power tools?

Nope. Never once.

So this will be my first attempt. And I’m a little nervous, I want it to be super duper spectacular. And perfect. Something I’d pay hundreds for, only I don’t want to actually pay hundreds. Because I’m cheap like that.

I must’ve spent hours drawing up plans for my fabulous coffee table… I mean, for C’s fabulous train table. Anyway after what seemed like forever, I had my basic design.


Looks like a cute, simple table, right? But after looking at it for a while, I couldn’t help but think I’ve actually seen it somewhere before. This exact table. Serious deja vu, people.


After a quick internet search, I realized why my design looked so familiar.

activity table 2

Ah right. There it is. At Pottery Barn.

For $200.

Yup, that’s the table I want. But not for two-hundred freaking dollars. Because that’s just silly. I mean, look at it. It’s just a few pieces of wood slapped together, right? A few nails and some wood glue, anyone could make that. Even someone with little to absolutely zero carpentry experience. Right?

In less than 12 days... Well I'm not saying it's going to be easy.

During the 2 hours a day that C is napping... Sure, I mean, that's plenty of time.

In the 30 degree garage. With a chance of snow... Okay now you're just being mean.

Yes, I have inner monologues. And it's going to be ok. I have faith in me. I can do this.

activity table

Where are Santa’s elves when I need them?


  1. I believe in you AJ! You can do it! He'll love it when your finished.

  2. Thanks Peggy! I've been consulting with the best carpenter (aka my Dad) and have a list of pieces to buy. Going to pick them up and get started tomorrow!

  3. I can/t wait to see it. You are right. He is the best carpenter. You forgot to say in the world though. Maybe I'm prejudiced. Mom


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